Monthly Archives: July 2013

Week 6 & 7 Update

Week 7 Update

Team Eggerichs over the Unusual Suspects

Team Peterson over Team Barsness

Team Lulloff over Team Features

Team Bagniewski over Team Slusser

Week 6 Update

Team Barsness over Team Eggerichs

Team Smiley over The Unusual Suspects

Team Lulloff over Team Peterson

Team Casey over Team Slusser

Team Bagniewski over Team Features


Week 4 & 5 Update

Week 4

Unusual Suspects defeat Features (2-0)

Team Slusser defeats Team Smiley (2-0)

Team Barsness defeats Team Bagniewski (2-1)

Team Lulloff defeats Team Eggerichs (2-0)

Week 5

This week we had great weather and some fantastic games. One of the highlights for the night was Team Smiley getting their first win of the season over Team Eggerichs in a 2-0 win. Team Slusser also came to play this week topping the undefeated Unusual Suspects in a 2-1 battle. In another anticipated game it looked like we were going to have another undefeated team go down as Team Features had knocked down all of Team Casey’s back row kubbs, and team Casey had yet to knock anything over. Team Features missed the king, and Team Casey dug deep and pulled out a win in game number 1, and then continued to roll in game 2 to stay unbeaten. Team Lulloff also remained undefeated with a 2-0 win over team Barsness. Team Bagniewski also won over Team Peterson.

Team Casey defeated Features (2-0)

Team Lulloff defeated Team Barsness (2-0)

Team Smiley defeated Team Eggerichs (2-0)

Team Bagniewski defeated Team Peterson (2-0)

Team Slusser defeated the Unusual Susspects (2-1)