Week #2 – The rain made it tough to get the games in for a second straight week

Week number two proved to be another rainy Wednesday. With light rain coming down all of our 6:00 games started on time and were going great. However, about 30 minutes into the games we saw lightning and it started to storm before anyone had finished a single game. The rain eventually stopped and one of the 7:00 games was completed and one of the 6:00 games was also completed.

The 7:00 game featured The Unusual Suspects vs. Team Barsness.  Game 1 was a back and forth game the was eventually won by the Unusual Suspects. Game 2 was a close battle and because of our 1 hour time limit it came down to who had knocked down the most back row kubbs. Team Barsness had knocked down 5 and the Unusual Suspects had knocked down 4, so game two when to Team Barsness. With the games tied 1-1, and time expired we had to have a throw off to determine the winner. Team Barsness knocked over 0 out of 5 and the Unusual Suspects knocked down 1 out of 5 to win the match.

The 6:00 game featured Team Bagniewski vs. Team Eggerichs. With heavy rain upon us Team Bagniewski won the first game by capitalizing on an advantage line was left by Team Eggerichs. Games 2 and 3 were continued after the rain delay. Both of these games went to Team Eggerichs.

Here are the game summaries for Week 2.

Team Eggerichs defeats Team Bagniewski (2-1)

The Unusual Suspects defeat Team Barsness (2-1 in tie breaker)

Team Slusser vs. Team Features (Rained Out)

Team Lulloff vs. Team Casey (Rained Out)

Team Smiley vs. Team Peterson (Rained Out)


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