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Week 3 Update

Week 3 finally brought us some nice weather, and with the nice weather we had all of our teams and about 35 participants for the first complete night of Coulee Region Kubb. Here is a very brief breakdown of two of the most interesting games from week 3.

Week three match-ups included a couple of heated battles. The first of which featured 0-1 Team Barsness vs. 0-0 Team Casey. Team Casey won the first game and Team Barsness took advantage of a forward line to win game two. With the game tied 1-1 Team Casey took advantage of some nice drilling and accurate throwing to win game 3.

In the longest game of the night 0-1 Team Bagniewski Took on 0-0 Team Lulloff. With the match tied 1-1 Team Bagniewski started the third game off strong by knocking down all five of their kubbs before Team Lulloff had yet to knock over a single kubb. Looking to capitalized on this Team Bagniewski had one opportunity left to attack the king, and they missed. Team Lulloff came storming back after the missed king, and with new found momentum won game number 3.

Week 3 Games

Team Eggerichs defeats Team Slusser (2-0)

The Unusual Suspects defeat Team Peterson (2-0)

Team Features defeats Team Smiley (2-1)

Team Lulloff defeats Team Bagniewski (2-1)

Team Casey defeats Team Barsness (2-1)

Week 2 Makeup Game

Team Features defeats Team Slusser (2-1)



Week #2 – The rain made it tough to get the games in for a second straight week

Week number two proved to be another rainy Wednesday. With light rain coming down all of our 6:00 games started on time and were going great. However, about 30 minutes into the games we saw lightning and it started to storm before anyone had finished a single game. The rain eventually stopped and one of the 7:00 games was completed and one of the 6:00 games was also completed.

The 7:00 game featured The Unusual Suspects vs. Team Barsness.  Game 1 was a back and forth game the was eventually won by the Unusual Suspects. Game 2 was a close battle and because of our 1 hour time limit it came down to who had knocked down the most back row kubbs. Team Barsness had knocked down 5 and the Unusual Suspects had knocked down 4, so game two when to Team Barsness. With the games tied 1-1, and time expired we had to have a throw off to determine the winner. Team Barsness knocked over 0 out of 5 and the Unusual Suspects knocked down 1 out of 5 to win the match.

The 6:00 game featured Team Bagniewski vs. Team Eggerichs. With heavy rain upon us Team Bagniewski won the first game by capitalizing on an advantage line was left by Team Eggerichs. Games 2 and 3 were continued after the rain delay. Both of these games went to Team Eggerichs.

Here are the game summaries for Week 2.

Team Eggerichs defeats Team Bagniewski (2-1)

The Unusual Suspects defeat Team Barsness (2-1 in tie breaker)

Team Slusser vs. Team Features (Rained Out)

Team Lulloff vs. Team Casey (Rained Out)

Team Smiley vs. Team Peterson (Rained Out)